Powerchair hockey is a parasport for individuals with disabilities who use a power wheelchair. The International version of the sport incorporates aspects of field hockey, soccer, and ice hockey. Although different than the North American version, the objective of the game remains the same and plays similarly. It’s a sport that builds on and celebrates all that is Canadian by making Canada’s game accessible to the disabled community and is remarkably inclusive. Regardless of their ability, age, gender, and so forth, anyone who has the desire and the passion to play, can play.

The Sport in Canada

The sport of powerhockey is in a period of growth and development. The sport can now be found in 5 provinces with more para-athletes discovering it all the time. Canada has organizations nationwide that play a role in fostering awareness of the sport, laying the foundation for future generations of players, coaches, volunteers, and supporters to get involved.

The opportunity to participate and compete in the World Cup 2022 in Nottwil, Switzerland will hope to serve as a catalyst to continue the growth, development, and awareness across the country.